Lína Rut Wilberg

Icelandic artist Lina Rut was born in 1966, in Isafjordur, a town in the northwest of Iceland. A natural creative and artistic person, she began her career as a make up artist, opening the first independent make up school in Iceland before moving into education to study Fine Art at the Icelandic Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating she continued to focus on her painting skills, only in the recent years, moving into sculptures and 3D works of art. Inspired by her blind son, the mother of four, started her brand, KRILI, so he could touch and feel the shapes and textures of her work. An avid illustrator and adventurer, Lina Rut currently lives in Iceland, creating her sculptures out of her own studio in Reykjanesbær.



Privat Exhibitions:

1997 Kaffi 17, Reykjavík
2000 Gallerí Fold, Reykjavík 2000 Gallery Fold
2002 Haf-Meyjan-Eyja at Íslandsbanki, Vestman islands.

2004  Kynjakettir Pakhuis Vilhelmina, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2004 Kynjakettir, Gallery Fold Reykjavík.
2006 Veldomin í Baunaland at Kaffitár Reykjanesbær
2006 Gallery Fold
2008 Princes & Princesses,Luxembourg
2017 Embassy of Iceland in London, UK

Joint exhibitions:

1998 Listaskálinn, Hveragerði, Iceland
2000 Diddu velur listamenn at Gerðuberg Iceland
2003 Beluga Arts Listasafn Reykjavíkur
2004 Spaugstorfumenn velja listamenn at Gerðuberg, Reykjavík.
2009 Icelandc Art and Design, Gallery hot Ice, Amsterdam.